Symposium - Women in entrepreneurship & regional innovation
Jun 16

Symposium - Women in entrepreneurship & regional innovation

  • Communitech

Join AGE-WELL Workpackage 7.2 DRiVE as we host a highly-anticipated symposium relating to women innovators and entrepreneurs in a regional context being held over two days from June 15-16, 2017. This event will feature international speakers each day, and a day that will be dedicated to a deep dive into the health and agetech sectors to examine issues such as why women make up approximately 70% of the medical and health services workforce and only 4% of healthcare companies have women CEOs.

See the full Agenda:

A few of the daily highlights include:

Day 1 (June 15th) will focus on the latest research in women’s entrepreneurship and innovation, and will feature international contributors such as Dr. Susan Marlow (University of Nottingham, UK), a prolific author in areas related to gender and entrepreneurial financing, Dr. Shima Barakat (University of Cambridge, UK), and Dr. Tatiana Manolova (Babson College, U.S). Other distinguished international contributors include Dr Silke Tegtmeier (Denmark) and Dr. Kerstin Ettl (Germany), as well as Danielle Brewin Graham (Fierce Founders, Communitech), and Jen Moss (CEO of Plasticity) from the Waterloo region.

Day 2 (June 16th) we will do a ‘deep sectoral dive’ and will focus on the health and agetech industry where open innovation and entrepreneurship lags other industries generally, and remains systematically gendered. Rather than scratch our heads we will actively engage in dialog around how better to deliver inclusive and accessible regional support for all innovation and entrepreneurship. Our speakers include Dr. Barbara Orser (University of Ottawa) speaking about policy to support women’s innovation at the federal and provincial levels, and will present a case study of the innovative and entrepreneurial activity that created a novel women’s health clinic. Dr. Anne Snowdon (University of Windsor) will present on innovative practices that expedite market adoption of new technologies in health systems, and Dr. Judith Sixsmith (University of Dundee)will address women’s work in adding and tech innovation, to name a few.

Contact Dr. Josephine McMurray for registration or media inquiries. 

Hacking Health - Waterloo Hackathon
Nov 20

Hacking Health - Waterloo Hackathon

  • Kitchener City Hall - Rotunda

The first annual Hacking Health Waterloo Hackathon is a weekend-long hackathon that breaks down barriers to healthcare innovation by bringing together IT and healthcare professionals to collaborate, dream up & design apps, devices and solutions for patient-centric care.


This year’s theme: Brain Health, Aging and Wellness

Hackathon Challenges:

  • Emergency Department Visits: Solutions that reduce or avoid unnecessary emergency department visits for older adults living with dementia.
  • Falls prevention: Solutions that prevent falls, or mitigate injury due to falls, in older adults with dementia.
  • Aging at Home: Solutions for better management of complex chronic conditions in older adults with dementia who are living at home.
  • Cognitive Fitness: Solutions that improve brain health or cognitive fitness in older adults.
Understanding older adults' experiences of technology adoption
9:00 am09:00

Understanding older adults' experiences of technology adoption

  • The Tannery, Kitchener, ON

On Wednesday November 9th, 2016 the DRiVE team is collaborating with AGE-WELL researchers from WP1 and WP7 and our partners at Communitech to facilitate a workshop at The Tannery located beside Communitech on understanding older adults' experiences of technology adoption. This fun and interactive workshop will involve a number of hands-on activities and will be the first event supporting our vision for the Waterloo Wellington region to thrive as a Regional Health Innovation Ecosystem in aging.  Interest from stakeholders such as older adults and their caregivers, technology developers, and others working in the health and aging sector has been over whelming.

If you are interested in learning more about the event please contact Heather at

Hack4Health 2.0
Nov 6

Hack4Health 2.0

  • University of Waterloo

Hack4Health (H4H) is a non-traditional hackathon aimed at social impact rather than monetary benefit, taking place November 4th-6th.

H4H provides an exciting space for undergraduate and graduate students to create practical applications (software, hardware, and social solutions) for people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or dementia (Alzheimer's disease or other dementias). 

The applications that emerge from H4H benefit people affected by and/or living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias or MS, enhance the profile of both conditions, inspire cutting-edge research at the University of Waterloo, and provide an invaluable platform for social innovation. 

Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with a broad range of disciplines and members of the community to come up with impactful solutions to real problems.